1. F I N A L  M O V I N G - I M A G E /// ’ C O N V E R G E ‘ 

    Here is my final composition. The essence of the piece is the message that we are converging with new technologies… they are becoming extensions of our very being. It visually explores this relationship through the use of analog and digital imagery which signify and reflect this. The soundtrack again shows these elements by using human vocals that have been digitally manipulated.

    I am relatively happy with my outcome seeing as it is my first ever animation, however, It isn’t completely how I envisioned the piece. If I was to redo or add to it I would change a lot. For example the drawings, as I produced so many there wasn’t enough time for me to detail them all, of which I would of liked to. I think I could have added more of a narrative to the piece, although it is meant to represent a very abstract concept I feel it could have had more of this element. I also feel I could have merged the digital and analog imagery together to emphasise  more obviously this idea that we are together with technology and last but not least I would like to have spent more time on the soundtrack experimenting a lot more to see what else I could produce and also maybe have it more synchronised with the imagery… I think I just needed more time.  

  7. F R A G M E N T S  

    I composed these elements of imagery digitally. They are a metaphor for our fragmented reality. They will provide the digital element in my final composition.


  8. S O U N D  E D I T  III 

    This is my final edit for the final composition. I think it reflects the imagery quite nicely. I wanted to create quite an atmospheric piece that would add to the idea of this fragmented and unfixed image of our postmodern state.

  9. M O V I N G   F E M A L E  IV  

    Using 80 metres of paper and 100’s of drawings later I finally have finished and edited all of the drawing sequences…

  10. M O V I N G  F E M A L E  III